Soft downy feathers and nice little wings

went puffin hunting yesterday evening and found many puffings even though it was too choppy to get to Inchkeith. This meant it was also too choppy to get many good pictures, or indeed focus the binoculars easily, but I did get a reasonable good shot of a fulmar. I also saw a distant but verifiable Manx Shearwater, which in Latin is puffinus puffinus, so that's kinda like extra puffins :-) Plus it brings my (mid)life list to 120. And photographically I now have a set of 85 bird species on flickr, which isn't bad for my camera...

I am fighting the urge to turn my bird list into a database. There may be no hope for me.
But puffins!

The Painted Veil

Last night, I went with Mike, Norma, and Mitch to see The Painted Veil (starring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts). I have to say, I wasn't utterly impressed, but I think I had that expectation going in...I saw a commercial for it yesterday and thought to myself, "That's a movie I have no interest in seeing." Ouch. But, we all wanted to see a movie and Mike had already seen the other films playing during the necessary time

My thoughts on the film include the fact that I hated the ending, and there's too much overt foreshadowing for me to have enjoyed wondering what would happen to the couple. The premise, if you don't know it, is that a woman marries a man to get away from her family -- he works in Shanghai -- but has an affair, which tears the couple apart (though one could argue that they were never really "together"). He takes up a remote job during a cholera epidemic and forces her to go with him...purposely trying to kill her because of her unfaithfulness.

I couldn't find either character sympathetic, which is what the plot/director/movie makes necessary in order to leave the theater satisfied. I have read a few reviews that have said the female character (I think her name is Kitty?) goes through this incredible transformation...well, I didn't see a transformation. Maybe a smidge of one, but nothing worth mentioning. Norton, of course, was delightful, but I could never get it out of my mind that he was trying to kill his wife. Where is the sympathy in that?

I would rate it a B-, although what does that even mean? I wouldn't see it again, but I wouldn't NOT recommend it, either. Go see it if you're a fan of Norton or Chinese scenery.
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Random life update

I worked out today, by myself, which was awesome.
For the past few months I have been working out with my roomates on and off...which is great fun, but they seem to lose the will/desire to exercise after a week or two, which is a problem because I in turn, lose interest, and stop doing it.

I invited them today, and Amber said no, so I did the Biggest Loser Cardio Workout by myself.  That video kicks my fucking ass every single time I do it, but I love it. I feel like I'm on top of the world afterwards, which is an awesome feeling.

In other news: I am badly craving sushi, and wish I weren't broke. Lucky me, my favorite food is actually pretty healthy.

I've been in a slump for the past few days...very lethargic and really unmotivated to do anything. I haven't eaten well for the last 4ish days, so I skipped my WW meeting today, which is never a good idea, and I kinda regret it. I just know that seeing a loss on the scale will totally deflate me, and leave me even less motivated for the next week. I am definitely going next Saturday, reguardless of how I did this week, but I plan on doing well...on remotivating and staying on top of it.

My goals for this week are:

-Get at least 1/2hr of exercise a day, and 1 full hour at least 2 days.
-Spend at least an hour on homework every day, and stay on top of my assignments.
-Not skip class =P
- do 2 job applications a day 
-Spend time with my beautiful girlfriend, to make up for being such a grumpy cunt over the past few days
-Look for a new roomate
-Stop SLEEPING so fucking much, and be a generally productive human being!!

Anyways, thats the plan.
Now off to pick up Stas from work...followed by Sleep filled with dreams of Salmon rolls and firm abs. =D

Thank you, Aphrodite!

Mark and I met someone on a poly list we're on. She msgd us and we responded. We met for coffee last Sunday and it was a fun time. Her name is Bre. During the week we all emailed each other. She and Mark had their own emails going, she and I had ours. She and I often texted through the day. She is expereinced in poly and she seems to like both of us, not leaning to one side or the other. She loves to write so our emails are lengthy and we've become close based on that.

Bre is an Aquarius. Yay! An air sign that is NOT a Gemini. She is 30, has her own car, her own place, her own job and her own sense of independence. She is not looking for a live-in nor a rescue. She just wants to share her love with a couple because she is bi and she's done this before and found it to be a rewarding experience.

I am amazed at how comfortable I am with her given some of my previous horrible experiences. It's just that when we're together and even when we're apart I feel SAFE. I honestly have expected red flags to come up (because I am a pessimist), but none have. We spent the evening together, the 3 of us, watching Dead Like Me and ended up all cuddled on the couch. Things probably could have gone to the bedroom if I had said anything (I am by natural selection the Decision Maker of the 3 of us), but I want to take this slow. I want it to be as good as I feel this has the potential to be.

So now we're headed out to meet her for lunch at a bbq place and then window shopping in the mall. I'm scared to hope that maybe for a while the Goddess of Love and beautiful poly feelings might actually be smiling on us.
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